Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Historic Lincoln New Mexico

Enlarge this picture to get an overview of the history of Lincoln, NM and the Lincoln County War that took place there.  For a more detailed and fascinating description of the town, it's colorful historic figures, and the Lincoln County War click on this Legends of America link,
This is a partial view of Lincoln looking northwest on Highway 380.  The tan building located the farthest away on the left is the historic Murphy-Dolan Store. 
This is the Murphy-Dolan store built in 1874 as a place of business and residence for L.G. Murphy and Company. It later became the county courthouse and jail.  It is the location of Billy the Kid's most famous escape.  He had been sentenced to hang, but somehow acquired a gun while in jail. He killed the two deputies assigned to guarding him during his jailbreak.  He was found two months later on July 14, 188l and shot dead by Sheriff Pat Garrett.   
This is the J.H. Tunstall-A.A. McSween store that was built in 1877 as competition for the monopolistic Murphy-Dolan store.  This is what set off the Lincoln County War.  This building now houses the post office and a museum.
This is the historic home of J.J. Dolan, who fought with the Murphy faction.  It was built in 1888 and later became a hotel.  
This is the La Iglesia De San Juan-Bautista church built in 1887.  It still holds services. 
This was the Thomas W. Watson home.  Portions of the building were built in the 1880s.  It served as Dr. Watson's residence and drugstore from 1903-1920.   
This is the historic home of Dr. Woods.  It is now a museum.
This is another old church. 
This is called a torreon.  The Spanish to English translation means tower.  It was built in the early 1850s, as a fortress against Apache invasions.  It has two levels, is 20 feet tall, and approximately 20 feet in diameter.  There is nothing in it, but gun portals.  Roy and I were thinking how awful it would be to be in there for any length of time without modern amenities and the high temperatures of a southwest Summer!  We enjoyed our walking tour!  The feeling of a town frozen in time was strong!  We got the feeling that a person just might meet a ghost in Lincoln!